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Sitting deep in the Heart of Scotland in the Stirlingshire Countryside lies our family run farm covering several hundred acres of woodland and pasture. We were the first to introduce Wild Boar to Stirlingshire primarily to aid in the management and upkeep of the woodland areas. Our initial and ongoing Firewood business requires responsible forest management which our Wild Boar aid with.

We soon realised the versatility and quality of Wild Boar as a premium quality meat and that it was a market we could excel in thanks to the free-range and organic nature of our livestock.

The intense nutty flavours offered from our Highland Boar are of the highest quality. We take great pride in offering the best looked after Wild Boar meat for sale in Scotland. If you are new to Boar meat then you are in for a treat. It can be prepared like standard pork but provides a far greater depth of flavour as well as being far more nutritious (see nutritional information above). Boar meat is a deep red colour and due to our excellent natural upbringing the richness and quality is simply splendid. Great care is taken in producing our various selections of wild boar products on our farm.

Should you have any questions on ordering our boar meat please use our Contact form. If you have any delivery queries then have a look at our delivery info page. We also offer full dressed boar prepared for spit roast from our forest-reared, free-range farm.

We hope you enjoy your order from Highland Meat Supplies and have a great experience like all our customers. If you enjoyed it as much as we believe you will please add your comments to the Feedback page on your account.

Our family invite you to take a look for yourself and see how beneficial our wild boar is and how it is the better option in comparison to other common meats, to help you we have prepared a special introductory hamper pack available in our store.

Premium hamper box consists of approximately

1kg of Haunch i.e. leg roast
1kg of Shoulder Roast
500g Loin Steak 500g Haunch Steak
500g Diced Haunch Steak
500g Wild Boar Sausage
300g Belfast Ham
500g Wild Boar Haggis

Sauchieburn Farm lies in our 800 acre woodlands Estate where our main business of supplying Firewood to our customers in Central Scotland has been greatly assisted by our wild boar who forage in their natural environment which in turn helps with our woodland management.
If you would like to see our Firewood prices please visit our sister website


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